Innovation and Design
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Essex County Greenbelt

Deciding early on to build “green” was key to cost management and a smooth building process. Close communication with the design/builder throughout the project made for a cohesive vision and an end result that exceeded expectations.

The site design conserved significant resources by utilizing the original building and maximizing natural light, natural ventilation, passive solar heating and protection from wind.

The building contains public educational displays including signage explaining green building applications throughout the building. In addition to this virtual tour, there will be a regular program of on-site educational building tours.

A pavement-free driveway and parking lot reduce heat generation in summer months and prevents excess stormwater runoff.

New England Biolabs

NEB is a CFC-free building.

NEB has reduced its water usage by 50%, even though the new laboratory has three times the square footage than our previous laboratory.

The NEB facility was designed to conserve the property’s trees and land, and exceeds open space requirements by 54%.

78% of construction waste was kept out of landfills, to be recycled for reuse.

Gloucester Residence

The ‘Deep Energy Retrofit’ design employed an innovative Larsen truss wall framing system that added space for the addition of 5” of insulation on the exterior. The truss system minimized wood framing and thermal bridging. A gable roof extension system allowed for the thickness increase in the gable-end walls.

The retrofit design strategy employed a ‘house as a system’ approach, considering all of the energy features of the house together, including their interaction with one another.

A new woodstove hot air capture and distribution system is being used as the primary heating system for the house.

A new exterior chimney insulation system is being pioneered on the house.

5 The interior lighting system, appliances, and other devices were chosen with the goal of minimizing the home’s overall electricity load.

EBSCO Publishing

Green File:A Free Gift From EBSCO to All Individuals and Organizations Interested in Improving the Environment
* Covering global warming, energy conservation, natural resources, and pollution
* Indexing & abstracts for hundreds of magazines and journals
* Completely free of charge
* The intent is to provide access on a continual basis
* Accessible to everyone at: www.greeninfoonline.com

Cider Hill Farm
We have co-existed with 15 bee hives on our land for the last 20 years, which shows the level of care we take to protect our natural resources. Our native population of bees are healthy, but honeybees all over this country are stressed and disappearing, causing great concern.

Latitude 43

1 The concrete floor is stained by a local artist and contains a radiant heating system. Concrete has a long life cycle, low maintenance and eliminates additional flooring materials. Radiant heat saves 30-40% on heating. It is the most comfortable form of heat because is hottest next to your feet where you need it the most.

2 Porous pavement lets oil-soaked water seep into the ground where it is eaten by bacteria. Porous pavement also reduces storm water runoff that causes erosion and flooding. A StormCepter catch basin under the parking lot catches the rest of the debris and chemicals from rainwater runoff prior to leaving the site.

Downriver Ice Cream

We used a horizontal drilling method to get water from the town of Ipswich to our facility without disrupting the marsh.

Garden plots are ready for blackberry and strawberry patches, which will provide organic fruit for our ice cream flavors.

After removing bags and bags of roadside debris and trash, we’ve installed bird feeders for the winged locals - red winged blackbirds, blue birds, chickadees, nuthatches and many more. 



Innovation and Design Resources

U.S. Green Building Council
Strives to accelerate the adoption of green building practices, technologies, policies, and standards through market-based solutions.

Green Design Initiative
Promotes environmentally conscious engineering, design, manufacturing, and architecture.

Green Design/Sustainable Architecture: Information Sources
A visit to this Web site will yield a good green-building reading list.


Sustainable design strategies and measures are constantly evolving and improving. This page describes and depicts some of the strategies employed by Essex County individuals and organizations.