Green Building: New England Biolabs

Indoor Environment

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Low VOC paints, carpets and adhesives are used inside NEB's new facility.

All of our publications are printed on recycled paper.TheNEB mail list is carefully cleansed to remove addresses that are out-of-date to help reduce the amount of materials being printed. The use of e-invoices was also employed to minimize paper usage.

NEB has an extensive in-house recycling program for many products, including paper, plastics, expanded polystyrene, glass, aluminum and batteries.

In addition, NEB’s Green Committee, comprised of NEB employees, looks for new ways to minimize the company’s impact on the environment.

NEB has been a pioneer in establishing a shipping box recycling program.

In addition, NEB receives shipping gel packs in reusable plastic crates which prevents the manufacturing and disposal of 10,380 corrugated boxes and drastically reduces the frequency of cardboard dumpster pickups.

NEB routinely uses refillable dry erase markers in our meeting rooms.
NEB's food service purchases local produce whenever possible. Tto decrease paper plate/ cup usage, employees are encouraged to use stoneware or glass dishes, mug or cups which are available in the cafeteria.
Cafeteria waste is brought to Brick Ends Farm in Hamilton, MA, a local state of the art composting facility that  processes organic material from many local businesses.