Green Building/Green Living Links
American Council for An Energy Efficient Economy

This group focuses on advancing energy efficiency by:
    * Conducting in-depth technical and policy assessments
    * Advising policymakers and program managers
    * Working collaboratively with businesses, public interest groups, and other organizations
    * Organizing conferences and workshops
    * Publishing books, conference proceedings, and reports
    * Educating consumers and businesses
ACEEE's program areas include   
* Energy Policy
    * Buildings and Equipment
    * Utilities
    * Industry & Agriculture
    * Transportation
    * International
    * Communications and Conferences

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Greener Choices

Greener Choices was launched by Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports, to address the lack of credible, in-depth information on green products, services, and lifestyles, especially on the Web. GreenerChoices.org offers an accessible, reliable, and practical source of information on buying “greener” products that have minimal environmental impact and meet personal needs.

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United States Green Building Council

Go to the ‘resources’ section for a comprehensive list of links to just about anything you want to know about buying and building green. This list contains links to Internet resource sites collected by USGBC staff and members to facilitate green building research. This list is not exhaustive and will remain a work in progress.

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Green Roundtable

GRT is non-profit organization whose mission is to mainstream green building and sustainable design. They work toward this goal by promoting and supporting healthy and environmentally integrated building projects through strategic outreach, education, policy advocacy and technical assistance.

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Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
MTC is the state’s development agency for renewable energy and the innovation economy. They focus on fostering Green innovation, technology and jobs through financial assistance and collaboration with leaders from industry, academia, and government who are working to advance technology-based solutions that lead to economic growth and a cleaner environment in Massachusetts.

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A program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices

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Designed to save you money, improve the energy performance of your home, and reduce air pollution, MassSAVE is brought to you by your local electric and gas utilities and energy efficiency service providers.
They offer:
* Educational materials
* Info on free in-home services
* Step-by-step guidance on installation of energy-saving measures and receiving your incentives.
* Incentives from utility companies and others
* Installations
* Inspections

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Coop America
Produces the National Green Pages, a directory listing nearly 3,000 businesses that have made firm commitments to sustainable, socially just principles, including the support of sweatshop-free labor, organic farms, fair trade, and cruelty-free products.

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The Green Guide- Ntl Geographic

An online guide and publication on how to live green. The online guide and publication features an A-Z list of environmentally friendly products and services as well as product reports

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Non-local (but still green) products

Local/Regional Green Services and Products