Green Building: EBSCO Publishing


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Solar Energy: Installation of a 192-panel, 36 kW photovoltaic solar panel system on the roof of our largest building, which is expected to offset 20% to 25% of the building’s energy needs—currently installing a second 192-panel photovoltaic solar panel system on an additional building.
Installed a solar-based hot water system for the company café.
Converting fleet of company-owned cars (US & Canada) to hybrid vehicles.
Exploring possibility of installing a wind turbine on the roof of the company parking garage, designed to convert wind into energy used for electricity.
Light bulbs have been changed from incandescent to high efficiency fluorescents, and most areas have been equipped with either timers or motion/sound sensors that shut off the lights when not occupied.
The Green Grid: As a large database provider with two data centers on the Ipswich campus, EBSCO Publishing joined The Green Grid, a global consortium designed to advance energy efficiency in data centers and business computing systems.
Installed “Vending Misers” on vending machines and coolers around campus to control the flow of electricity and help to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.