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About Us! EBSCO Publishing (http://www.ebscohost.com/green) has forged a strong directive to maximize the company’s level of environmental responsibility. The company has made a number of key infrastructure and policy changes to this effect and also encourages individual (employee) responsibility through ongoing company-sponsored events and guest speaker programs.

While some “green” initiatives have the dual benefit of reducing costs along with energy consumption/ waste (e.g., fluorescent light bulbs, more efficient HVAC systems), other more expensive initiatives have long-term environmental benefits that simply can not be measured in monetary terms. In the spirit of environmental stewardship, EBSCO Publishing believes in pursuing both types of initiatives, as we consider these initiatives to be investments in the future of our company and our planet.

We have experienced great success with the green initiatives that we have undertaken over the past few years, and EBSCO Publishing’s goal is to continue to grow as a company while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment. In today’s business climate, many feel that successful growth and environmental stewardship are often mutually exclusive concepts. However, here at EBSCO Publishing we believe the opposite to be true. In order to truly achieve long term success, a company must proactively take care of the land and resources that have helped to sustain the organization through its many years of development.