Green Building: Latitude 43


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The sun shades over the deck also heat the dishwasher’s hot water.

Extra insulation in the walls and roof system lower heating and cooling requirements. Our windows are extra insulated to minimize heat loss and tinted to minimize solar heat gain

Our flourescent lights are dimmable and have a warm tone. Outside we use metal halide vapor lights. Operable skylights provide energy free light in the daytime and energy free cooling in the summer. Motion sensors on bathroom lights turn off the lights when people leave. Solar lightsSolar LED navigation lights on the deck and piers charge up during the day and shine all night.

The concrete floor contains a radiant heating system.

Xlerator hand dryer uses 80% less energy than paper towel. doesn’t create waste, works in 15 seconds with 181 miles/hour air at 135°F (especially nice in the winter).