Green Building: Essex County Greenbelt



A 1,500-watt high-efficiency photovotaic solar module follows the sun during the course of the day, providing approximately 10% of Greenbelt’s electric needs.

A high-efficiency, HVAC air filtration system brings in fresh air and conditionsit. The cooling system contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
Four heat zones allow for inscreased control over heating for comfort and energy efficiency.
State of the art insulation, called icynene, emits no unhealthy vapors and reduces noise, and has the highest R-factor rating of any insulation available.

A high efficiency gas heating system gets up to 97% efficiency. Electricity is supplied through Mass Energy Consumer Alliance, which utilizes alternative hydro, biomass, wind and solar energy sources. Our heat management system helps regulate indoor air temperature with the lowest possible energy use.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs light the building with only about 25% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs; also, LED bulbs save energy in all exit lights.

Optimal energy performance windows are double-thermal paned, providing optimal energy conservation