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About Us! The Essex County Greenbelt is firmly at the forefront of the ‘Green Building’ movement. The many green features you will read about inside improve aesthetics and productivity while significantly reducing the energy used for construction and on an ongoing daily basis. The Cox Reservation has a unique place in the history of Essex County. Situated on the “ancient road” that connected Gloucester and Ipswich as early as the 1630’s the property was home to Native Americans, farmers, and acclaimed muralist Allyn Cox before becoming Greenbelt’s headquarters in 1974. Our expanded and remodeled building was designed with a strong sense of both our remarkable history and vision for a future where we all walk more lightly, and thoughtfully, on the land. In an era of land conservation that requires creative thinking and planning, our “green” building reflects our organizational strength and vision, and serves as an inspiration for others who are looking to balance past and future, growth and conservation, all with an environmental ethic that will sustain us and future generations.